Although he's yet to announce an official release date for his upcoming Spanish-language album 'Corazon,' Carlos Santana isn't letting that keep him from giving fans a sneak peek at what they can expect when the new songs hit stores early next year.

The first single from 'Corazon,' titled 'La Flaca,' is out now. Featuring a vocal assist from Grammy-winning Colombian rock star Juanes, the song finds Santana dipping into the back catalog of the Spanish band Jarabe de Palo, who made it the title track on their hit 1996 debut. Currently available to stream via Santana's site and VEVO channel, the single is scheduled to reach digital retailers the week of Nov. 25.

'La Flaca' is just the first volley in a series of promotional efforts Santana plans to make on behalf of 'Corazon,' which will mark his first album recorded entirely in Spanish. ABC News Radio reports that fans can also look forward to a concert film, titled 'Corazon, Live From Mexico: Live It to Believe It.' Scheduled to be recorded at an upcoming show set for Dec. 14 in Guadalajara, the film will include appearances from many of the stars joining Santana on 'Corazon,' including Gloria Estefan, Juanes and Miguel, and is set to air on HBO Latino as well as see home video release sometime in 2014.

Billboard reports that the show is being co-sponsored by the Mexico Tourism Board, and adds that the 'Live It to Believe It' DVD will also include a documentary featuring footage of the artists involved in the project traveling throughout Mexico. The whole thing has certainly been a source of excitement for Santana, who told the magazine, "Our goal is to change the energy of the world with this project."

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