Directing your first episode of a television show has to be a stressful enough experience without adding in an appearance from the world-famous rock star who just happens to sign your paychecks, but Steven Van Zandt seems to have come through the experience none the worse for wear.

As previously reported, Van Zandt welcomed his longtime boss (and the Boss), Bruce Springsteen, to the set of his Netflix series 'Lilyhammer' for an episode of the show's third season. The airing marked Van Zandt's directorial debut, as well as Springsteen's first acting role -- a distinction not lost on Van Zandt, who admitted to a certain amount of nervousness during an interview with the Associated Press.

"I know we're friends for 50 years, but still it meant a lot to me that he chose me and trusted me enough to direct him when literally everybody on earth's been wanting to do it," he said, assuring the AP that Springsteen "did great" in the small but pivotal role of his character's older brother, Giuseppe.

"He's really acting," he continued. "It's not some cameo. He's not playing himself. It's a real thing."

And although he insisted the whole thing was a positive experience, he also admitted that it's a relief to be back in the duo's long-established dynamic of frontman and guitarist. "Was it fun? Yeah," he laughed. "But it's more fun when it's over. It's fun now."

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