Recordings made by a group fronted by Brian Johnson of AC/DC in 1971 could soon be released. You can listen to a snippet of one of those tracks, the Jasper Hart Band's "I Want to Be Around," above and "Overload" below.

The band recently posted a message to its Facebook page that, if there was enough interest from AC/DC fans, they would put out a CD comprised of the three songs he cut, plus new versions of those tracks by the current version of the band. The liner notes will contain stories of Johnson's time with them by those who were there.

According to the bio on Jasper Hart Band's website, Johnson, along with guitarist Ken Brown -- both of whom had previously been in the Gobi Desert Kanoo Club -- and two others formed the group in 1970 to play soft rock covers and selections from the musical Hair on the cabaret circuit backing comedienne Ruth Saxon. A year and some personnel turnover later, they cut three numbers for Circa 2000; however, due to lack of funds they were never released. Soon thereafter, Johnson, bassist Tom Hill and drummer Brian Gibson were recruited by Vic Malcolm to form Geordie, who recorded four albums between 1973 and 1978. Johnson joined AC/DC after the 1980 death of Bon Scott.

The CD will cost £10, plus postage and packaging, and Brown hopes to have it available early this month. For more information, e-mail Brown at

Listen to "Overload" by the Jasper Hart Band

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