Bob Dylan's new box set, 'The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 11,' chronicles the musical journey he took when he moved from New York City to West Saugerties, N.Y. Now he gives us a taste of the literal journey in 'From the Village to the Basement,' a new short film that features narration by actor Jeff Bridges.

Uploaded earlier today to Dylan's Facebook page, the clip -- which you can watch below -- begins at New York's Washington Square Hotel and ends up at Big Pink, the Band's home where most of 'The Basement Tapes' were recorded. The drive, which normally takes approximately two hours, is completed in only three minutes with the help of more than 12,000 photos pieced together to simulate time-lapse photography.

As the car moves out of Manhattan traffic and up into the rural roads of the the Catskill Mountains, Bridges describes how Dylan followed the Band upstate to recuperate from a motorcycle accident and then cut dozens of demos and covers with them in Big Pink. Underneath Bridges' voice, one of the takes of 'This Wheel's on Fire' from the box set plays.

"It's as if Jeff Bridges is next to you telling you the story on a road trip," Tom Mullen of Legacy Recordings told Mashable. "Like if you're with your parents and they're telling you a story."

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