The infamously irate crowds Bob Dylan faced after deciding to go electric have become a part of rock lore — and now, thanks to some freshly posted footage of fans who walked out of shows on his 1966 tour, we can hear them explain exactly what rubbed them the wrong way about his new sound.

The clip, which was debuted by Noisey and you can watch above, finds a film crew interviewing audience members who'd walked out of various stops on the U.K. leg of the tour. Dylan, who'd been splitting his shows in half with acoustic and electric sets, can sometimes be heard performing in the background, which only seems to further inflame some of the respondents.

"Well, it's a load of rubbish, you see," explains the first fan. "He's out there singin' away and he's taking everybody for a ride! He knows this, I know this. But the other turds in there didn't, you know?"

"Could we have our money back, please?" inquires another annoyed audience member. "We're disgusted."

Some fans took a more measured approach, pointing out that Dylan had the right to change his sound, even if they didn't agree with the results. "I don't think the spirit of Dylan's songs is being portrayed with this incredibly corny group behind him," explains one of the calmer concertgoers. "I like his earlier records — his Freewheelin' LP, etc. But this, I just can't stick."

The majority, however, seems violently stunned, emotional and unsure of how to process what they'd just witnessed. "Bob Dylan was a bastard in the second half," shrugs one irate person. "Is that enough?"

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