Bob Dylan, Bono, the late Gregg Allman and others are featured in an upcoming documentary about former President Jimmy Carter.

Titled Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President, the film explores connections to the music world during his administration from 1977-81, and beyond. It will be screened in theaters and virtual cinemas on Sept. 9, before a physical release on Oct. 9 and an airing on CNN on Jan. 3.

Now 95, Carter is seen in the movie playing Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man” on vinyl, saying: “Sounds familiar!” He argues: “One of the things that has held America together has been the music that we share and love.” Carter also reveals that when Willie Nelson admitted to smoking weed in the White House, the “servant” he did it with was actually one of the president’s grown sons.

You can watch a trailer below:

“When I first met Jimmy, first thing he did was quote my songs back to me,” Dylan remembers. Allman described the 39th president as “cool,” adding that “he enjoyed our music and he became our friend.” Nelson says: “With all the odds against him, he still did what he thought was right. That’s not a bad pattern for all of us to follow.”

Producers Greenwich Entertainment describe Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President as “part-rockumentary, part-presidential portrait." They say goal was to trace "how rock music helped propel Jimmy Carter to the White House, and the significant role that music has played in President Carter’s life and work.”


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