Bob Dylan and the Beach Boys have both given us a legacy of incredible music that has influenced generations. But only one of them can advance in this round of the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame.

Every month, our readers will decide which of eight legendary artists or bands will be honored for their contributions to the genre. In this case, it's a question of whether you prefer the words or the music.

Dylan took the New York folk scene by storm upon his arrival in early 1961. Within a few years, he was a rising star whose poetic lyrics crystallized the Civil Rights and anti-war movements. But he soon made a hard left turn toward rock 'n' roll, and his trio of albums in 1965 and 1966 redefined what constituted proper subject matter for pop songs. He remains an enigmatic figure whose new albums still get scrutinized.

The Beach Boys were every bit as innovative as Dylan, but on the musical side of the equation. During their first stage, they brought the fun of the southern California lifestyle to the rest of the country with a series of remarkable pop singles. But as Brian Wilson's music became more sophisticated, the lyrics became directed inward, with 1966's 'Pet Sounds' being its high point. And all of it was done with some of the greatest harmonies ever recorded.

So which of these geniuses will go on to the semifinals? You can vote once an hour between now and Monday, Dec. 15, at 11:59PM ET. This month’s winner will be announced on Dec. 29. Be sure to read our official rules.