The Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame is designed to give our readers full control over which artists and bands are honored for their contributions to the classic rock genre. Every month, one artist or group will be elected into the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame in the following manner:


At the start of the first month, eight nominees will be revealed from a pool of artists and bands whose debut album was released at least 40 years prior to the nomination year -- either in the United States or the United Kingdom -- and who have had a significant impact on the history of classic rock.

Voting Process:

The nominees will be placed into a three-round, bracket-style voting poll with seeding order determined at random. Each poll will begin on the first weekday of the month with an approximately two-week long opening round that will narrow the field from eight to four nominees. One-week long Semifinal (four acts narrowed to two) and Final (two acts narrowed to one) rounds will follow. Fans can vote once per hour in each of the four first-round polls, each of the two semifinal polls, and in the finals.

On the first weekday of the next month, we will reveal which band was elected by our readers the previous election, as well as the nominees for the new monthly poll.

Waiting Periods for Non-Elected Bands:

Artists or groups who aren't elected will be eligible for re-entry into the field of monthly nominees four months after their appearance in a monthly poll. However, re-entry into the field of nominees at that time is not automatic.

Ultimate Classic Rock and Townsquare Media reserve the right to change these rules and the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame election process. Any such changes will be made on this Official Rules page, and may be done without any other public notification.

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