From across a smoky bar, you might get a few of the shaggier members of these Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame nominees mixed up. But not once the Allman Brothers Band and Jethro Tull took to the stage.

On the one hand, you have architects of Southern rock, riven by tragedy but steadfast for decades in blending blues, R&B, jazz, soul and a touch of country. Allman Brothers Band members came and went, as with Jethro Tull, around a central figure in Gregg Allman -- but the group's central sound remained right up until an emotional farewell last fall.

Tull have been defined by Ian Anderson over the years, though he collaborated on the U.K. band's inventive mixture of folk and prog for a lengthy period with Martin Barre. Albums such as 'Thick as a Brick,' as well as 'Aqualung,' are so popular that Anderson has written solo sequels based on characters.

Two other things the Allman Brothers Band and Jethro Tull always had in common? Their deeply impressive virtuosity and just as deeply ingrained sense of fan loyalty. You can celebrate the one, while proving the other all over again, as they face off for this 100 percent van-voted honor.

So who gets your nod for the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame? Cast your vote once every hour between now and 11:59PM ET on Feb. 16. This month's winner will be announced on March 3. Be sure to read our official rules.



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