We are pleased to exclusively premiere the first two chapters of a fascinating new eight-part video documentary about the troubled past and triumphant return of Southern rock pioneers Black Oak Arkansas.

The southern hillbilly psycho-boogie band best known for their smash hit cover of 'Jim Dandy' release a brand-new album, 'Back Thar N’ Over Yonder,' on October 15. The band clawed their way to the top of the rock world in the early '70s, earning three gold records on the strength of an absolutely insane (250+ shows and two albums a year) touring and recording schedule.

Unfortunately, that pace left the group vulnerable for some shady business dealings, and the group fractured as various members found themselves broke, homeless or in jail after a grueling series of lawsuits failed to recover the large sums of money taken from them.

So how is it that they're back together, with an album combining new songs and previously unreleased '70s tracks produced by the legendary Tom Dowd? Well, it's a great story, but we'll let the videos tell the rest. Part one is above, part two at the bottom of this page.

We'll post parts three and four on Thursday, Oct. 17. You can purchase 'Back Thar N' Over Yonder' on iTunes, Amazon or directly from the band.

Watch Part Two Here

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