Black Oak Arkansas, the groundbreaking southern-rock group, have announced that they will put out a new album, 'Back Thar N’ Over Yonder,' on Oct. 15. The band will also spend much of the two months preceding the album's release on the road.

'Back Thar N’ Over Yonder' finds the group back on Atco Records, where they recorded eight albums, all of which charted, between 1970 and 1976. Its 15 tracks are comprised of five newly recorded songs and 10 previously unreleased cuts from their first spell on Atco. The earlier songs were originally produced by the legendary Tom Dowd at Miami's Criteria Studios.

Fronted by Jim "Dandy" Mangrum, Black Oak Arkansas gained fame for their then-unheard of three-guitar lineup and for their over-the-top concerts, which made them one of the top live acts in their heyday. Over the years, members came and went, but the current lineup brings Mangrum -- the lone constant -- back with two other founding members, Rickie Lee Reynolds (guitar) and Pat “Dirty” Daugherty (bass). Another original guitarist, Stanley “Goober Grin” Knight, had agreed to rejoin, but passed away shortly before the recording.

The new work found Mangrum in a reflective mood. “In those days, we was doing over 250 shows a year, every year,” he said via press release. “On top of that, we was giving Atlantic two albums a year, every year. So anytime we would get a few days off, we’d hightail it to Miami and lay down a few tracks with Dowd. After a while, we couldn’t keep up with which songs was going on which albums. So when these songs showed up, it took me and Rickie a while to even remember cutting them.”

Black Oak Arkansas 2013 Tour Dates
8/2 - Lincoln, Neb.
8/3 - Sioux City, Iowa
8/24 - Bloomington, Ill.
8/31 - Savannah, Ill.
9/1 - Savannah, Ill.
9/13-15 - Los Angeles, Calif.
9/17 - Los Angeles, Calif.
9/18 - Corona, Calif.
9/20 - Ramona, Calif.
10/19 - Fayetteville, Ark.

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