We're pleased to exclusively premiere the next two chapters of an eight-part video documentary about the troubled past and triumphant return of Southern-rock pioneers Black Oak Arkansas.

The southern boogie band, which scored a Top 30 hit in 1973 for their fiery cover of ‘Jim Dandy,‘ just released a new album this week called ‘Back Thar N’ Over Yonder.’ But it hasn't been an easy ride for the group. They earned their reputation during the '70s by turning out records and concerts at an alarmingly breakneck speed, playing more than 250 shows a year.

Over the years, the band's various members fell on some hard times, due to the usual record-industry greediness. They were left broke, homeless or in jail. But they somehow survived.

The new album collects some new songs as well as previously unreleased cuts from the ’70s. And the whole story is documented in a new webisode series we're happy to exclusively premiere. You can watch the first two parts here; part three is above, and part four is below.

Stay tuned for the next four chapters. In the meantime, you can purchase ‘Back Thar N’ Over Yonder’ on iTunesAmazon or directly from the band. You can also win a Black Oak Arkansas prize pack. Click the link below for details.

Watch Episode 4 of the Black Oak Arkansas Webisode

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