He may or may not be giving up touring, but either way, Billy Joel's Irish fans will get at least one more chance to see him in concert. On November 1, Joel is scheduled to play the O2 Arena in Dublin, an engagement that will see him returning to Ireland for the first time in nearly a decade. Tickets for the show, which comes on the heels of Joel's recent appearances in Australia and New Orleans, are set to go on sale May 30.

Speaking of Joel's set at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, he's parceling out video footage from the show, offering one song per week over the next month. He's already released the first performance, 'Miami 2017,' which you can watch above. Fans can keep an eye on Joel's website over the coming weeks to catch a glimpse of subsequent clips.

But Joel's upcoming Irish sojourn doesn't mean he's lost any of his recent ambivalence regarding touring. The subject came up again during a recent lengthy profile in The New York Times Magazine, in which he admitted that while he enjoyed his years of steady touring -- and used them to build back his finances after being infamously ripped off by a former manager -- he doesn't feel the same drive to perform.

"I haven’t put out an album in 20 years," Joel pointed out toward the end of the interview. "Let’s face it. I am an oldies act. I just don’t want it to be like when you watch Channel 13 and there’s the Delltones or some English band from the ’60s, and they’re real crotchety and they look terrible, and I go, 'Oh, God, I don’t want to be on that show.'

"I haven’t worked for three years," he continued. "I’m going to play in Australia. I want to see how it feels to work again, I want to see if I think I’m still any good, because if I’m not any good, I’d consider retiring. If I don’t think I’m any good, I don’t care how much I can make, I don’t care how many people want me to, I’m going to stop doing it. It has to be fun. You have to feel good about it."

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