Although he's spent the past few months saying that he's given up touring, Billy Joel may have had a change of heart. In a new interview, Joel says that if he launch another tour, fans shouldn't expect a typical greatest hits show.

"I'd like to do more songs that weren't hits," he told Rolling Stone. I got tired of doing the greatest hits set...If I was going to play again in places like New York, I would probably feature entire albums. It would give me a chance to do songs we haven't played. . . We'd do one album and then play some obscurities."

Joel has two dates scheduled for later this month, at the Stone Music Festival in Australia on April 21, and the New Orleans JazzFest six days later. He said he's using those shows to determine if he's in the mood to go back on the road for the first time since a co-headlining tour with Elton John ended in March 2010. However, his own high standards mean that he would likely book only a handful of dates, focusing on major markets.

"When I sing, I'm singing really high," he continued. "I've lowered the keys, but a lot of those things are really high. I need a few days to recover from every gig. But it would be silly to do just one gig every three months. You tie up the band and the crew...It would have to be more work than that...I don't know if I'll go an extended tour like Bruce Springsteen, hammering away for two years, though."

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