How cool is it when bands decide to issue a wealth of bonus material or collect all of their music into one giant package? It's extremely cool. And that's what leads us to the next category in our Ultimate Classic Rock Awards -- the 2012 Best Box Set category.

This year there's some pretty great names either revisiting one specific album or just deciding to package up some of the greatest works. But either way, the final output is just awe inspiring.

We start off with Blue Oyster Cult's 'The Columbia Album Collection.' We hope you've made room because this set comes with16 CDs and one DVD revisiting the band's output from 1972-1988, including their live albums. Judas Priest also has a 'Complete Albums Collection,' including all 17 of the band's records along with a 40-page booklet. And while we're at it, Roxy Music spanned a decade's worth of material into their 'The Complete Studio Recordings: 1972-1982 box set, which chronicled the group's most fertile period.

Heart's 'Strange Euphoria' box set not only featured fan favorites, but also a healthy and illuminating does of demo and live versions of tracks. 'The Kinks at the BBC' was a limited, six-disc collection dug out from the BBC archives that includes not only classic performances, but also appearances on such shows as 'Top of the Pops' and 'Old Grey Whistle Test.' There's also the Grateful Dead's 'Spring 1990' -- a two-disc box set compiled from five performances of the legendary band.

Our final two offerings for Best Box Set come from artists revisiting classic releases from 1987. Both Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon have packed their respective 'So' and 'Graceland' box sets with generous amounts of audio and video extras. Last but certainly not least, the Beatles closed out the year with a box set collecting upgraded versions of every one of their studio albums.

So for those of you looking to spend some extra dough this year, those are some of the box sets that are definitely worth your while. What would you say is your favorite? It's time to vote, so make your pick below!

You have until Jan. 15, 2013 to vote in all Ultimate Classic Rock Award categories, and you can do so once every hour. The winners will be announced the following day (Jan. 16, 2013).

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