Paul Simon

Paul Simon’s career started in the late ‘50s as half of a duo called Tom & Jerry. After a brief stint in England as a folksinger, the New Jersey-bred Simon hooked up with his old singing partner Art Garfunkel to form one of music’s most enduring duos. After five increasingly popular albums throughout the ‘60s, Simon & Garfunkel called it quits after 1970’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ LP, opening the door to Simon’s solo career, which he launched with 1972’s self-titled album. ‘Still Crazy After All These Years,’ from 1975, won a ton of Grammys and made Simon one of the biggest artists on the planet. A decade later, he repeated the success with his greatest and most innovative album, the globe-trekking ‘Graceland,’ which explored African rhythms within Western contexts. His most recent LP, from 2011, was his biggest hit, and best album, in 20 years.

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