Never mind Axl Rose's reputation — one AC/DC insider wants you to know that behind the scenes, he's pretty much just like the rest of us.

The band's production manager, Dale "Opie" Skjerseth, spoke with Metal Heads for a behind-the-scenes look at their current tour with Rose, who stepped in on vocals after former frontman Brian Johnson was forced to bow out due to hearing issues. According to Skjerseth, Rose has been a "fantastic" replacement for their longtime singer — and a pleasure to travel with.

"He's not the diva – he never has been," said Skjerseth. "I've worked with him many times before. He's like any artist – he loves his show. He is a regular guy – we're all different, we all can be weird, but that's okay in life. That's what makes him who he is." (You can see the video above.)

More importantly as far as the fans are concerned, Rose's arrival seems like it may have injected a new energy into the group. As Skjerseth went on to point out, AC/DC's current shows are longer, with a little more variety in the set list.

"He's enjoying himself, the band is enjoying him," he continued. "They play old songs. The show is longer now too. It used to be two hours, it's now two hours and 20 minutes. Who knows what they'll come up with? The production is the same. They're not taking anything away. They're playing and Axl is walking it out – he is doing this with honor. ... They're sounding fantastic and it's a great show. At the end of the day, it's AC/DC the way they always intended it to be."

Whether or not Rose deserves his diva reputation, he definitely has more of a sense of humor than many people tend to give him credit for — as evidenced by the below video, in which he's seen joking about signing an autograph for a fan as "Bon Jovi."

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