Golf enthusiast and rock legend Alice Cooper told Ultimate Classic Rock that former Tiger Woods caddie Steve Williams was out of line with barbed comments he directed against his former boss following this weekend's WCG-Bridgestone Invitational: "All the other caddies gotta be looking at this guy, thinking 'what a jerk!"

Williams, celebrating a victory at the event with his new employer, Adam Scott, called the weekend "the best win I've ever had," a direct shot at struggling former champion Woods, who recently fired Williams after winning more than a hundred trophies with the caddie carrying his clubs.

Cooper, who's about to release 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare,' a Bob Ezrin-produced sequel to his classic 1975 'Welcome to My Nightmare' album, doesn't think that's particularly cool: "I think that a guy that's a caddie, that has made 12 million dollars off of a guy -- I mean that's so outrageous that it's unbelievable -- Tiger bought his house, paid for his wedding, bought him two cars, and he gets 12 million dollars over the years. A usual caddy might make a million dollars in his life. [Williams] makes 12 million, and he's complaining. I think it was a low blow, I really do."

The singer, who visited the links at the very same Ohio golf course a few days after the tournament left town -- "I shot 77, which probably wouldn't have got me on the cut, but it was pretty close" -- says Williams should just move on, explaining, "I think Tiger finally said, 'I gotta change everything up, have a great life, here's 12 million dollars.'"

He also expressed confidence that Woods would eventually return to his trophy-winning ways: "Oh yeah, I think if you ask any player out there right now, there's so much respect for Tiger. They sit there and they go 'look, everybody knows he's still the best player in the world. When he gets it together, he's gonna come back out and blow us all away again. So let's enjoy this time when he's not playing his best.'"

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