Alice Cooper says he considered taking a stab at playing golf professionally, making good on his well-known interest for the sport. Make no mistake, though, Cooper was still going to wear the makeup -- even on the course.

"There was a time when I really considered it," Cooper tells TMZ. "I thought it would be great to actually play the tournament as Alice. It would bring something to the whole game. But you have to be able to back that up. You go out to play with some of the older pros, and they can still shoot 67. You realize, you better be able to shoot that, if you're going to have the makeup on."

A regular on the celebrity tournament schedule, Cooper says he's been paired with current pros like Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia -- as well as some interesting celebrity types. "You get lined up with a lot of different people," Cooper says. "I've played with Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta. They can both play. Catherine can really play."

As for his handicap, Cooper says he carries a 4. Asked to name other musicians who share this unlikely passion, he names "Dweezil Zappa, Adrian [Young, the drummer] from No Doubt, Huey Lewis can play." Cooper will have a chance to visit golf courses across the country this summer as he joins Motley Crue for their big farewell tour.

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