We're still more than six weeks away from ‘The Art of McCartney,’ an all-star tribute to Paul McCartney. But you can get a taste of the project, which comes out on Nov. 18, in the above video that features Alice Cooper covering the Beatles classic 'Eleanor Rigby.'

Cooper's cover of the song stays pretty close to the original, using strings and overdubbed backing vocals to guide it. No surprise that he clings so tightly to the familiar arrangement found on the Beatles' 1966 'Revolver' album: Cooper has been a longtime Beatles fan.

"We were way influenced by the Beatles' music, by the great songwriting of [John] Lennon and McCartney," Cooper once said. "If you ask Ozzy [Osbourne] and Steven Tyler the same thing, you'll find that there's a lot of melody in what we all do. We're always going to be a little more horse-powered than the Beatles were, but we always referred back to those melody lines."

The track also gives fans a sample of what Cooper's upcoming covers album might sound like. But that project seems to be still a bit down the road, with no set release date announced yet. The McCartney record, however, not only has an upcoming release, it also boasts a star-packed lineup: Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Roger Daltrey, Brian Wilson, Def Leppard, Kiss and Jeff Lynne are among the guests who've updated McCartney songs.

'The Art of McCartney' has been in the works for more than a decade now, and comes with Sir Paul's blessing. Songs range from the early (Dylan tackles 'A Hard Day's Night''s 'Things We Said Today') to the familiar (Willie Nelson covers 'Yesterday') to the obscure (Wilson takes on 'Wanderlust' from 'Tug of War').

The 34-song album will also be available in a special box set, which tacks on eight bonus cuts, including another Cooper cover: a remake of 'Smile Away' from McCartney's 1971 solo album 'Ram.'