Alice Cooper recently told Ultimate Classic Rock that he has cast pop singer Kesha as the Devil herself on his new album 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare,' and predicts that she will end up being a rock, not pop star someday.

To hear Alice tell it, it makes perfect sense that the sometimes controversial younger singer would appear on the track 'What Baby Wants' as part of Cooper's upcoming album, a Bob Ezrin-produced sequel to his classic 1975 album 'Welcome to my Nightmare.' "Kesha's an old friend of mine, when she was in London I got up and did a song with her. She actually plays the Devil in this thing."

Come again? "When she decides that it's time for her to get paid -- you know, there's always that 'I need your soul now' kind of moment -- and I'm trying to talk my way out of it, she goes 'Oh no no no, what baby wants, baby gets.' That's the song -- 'What Baby Wants.' I wrote it with her and Bob Ezrin and the song is very cool."

He goes on to make a bold prediction for his daughter-in-spirit's future career: "You watch, she's gonna end up being a rock singer, not a disco singer. She wants to be, you know, she wants to be Robert Plant, and she's a big tall American girl and she could really do it."

Cooper, an avid golfer, also shared his thoughts with us on caddie Steve Williams' recent shots at his old boss Tiger Woods, shortly before blowing our minds with an impressively raw display of showmanship and musicality just mere miles from our UCR headquarters.