In a new interview, former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley told Guitar World that he really wants to "keep everything light and be happy," but that didn't stop him from firing off a few more rounds in the ongoing war of words between himself and his former bandmates Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

Although he accused both Stanley and Simmons of "scratching their heads trying to come up with new ways to insult me" now that he has years of sobriety under his belt, Frehley saved particular scorn for Stanley, saying, "Paul has been so goddamn cranky lately. I mean, what’s wrong, Paul, aren’t you happy? I know they must be frustrated because people are always writing about how Ace was the real guy or Ace was the real deal. It’s gotta rub them the wrong way. ... I’m a straight shooter -- I tell it like it is. Gene is that way too. He’ll sit across from you in a room and say this or that and tell it like it is. Whether you like it or not, he lays it out, right to your face. Paul will tell you one thing, then walk out the door and stab you in the f---ing back. That’s Paul Stanley."

For example, continued Frehley, there's the matter of Stanley reportedly trying to take credit for creating the Kiss logo. "I designed the logo," insisted Frehley. All he did was draw straighter lines. And you know, I told Paul to wear the star on his eye. Do you know what his makeup was before he put the star on his eye? It was a round circle. He looked like the dog from the Little Rascals [Pete the Pup, a.k.a. Petey]. I told him it looked kinda silly and that he should put one star on his eye. But do I go around taking credit for that? No. I let him say he designed it. Who cares, you know? Let’s not be petty."

Saying that "you're gonna make enemies when you put down Ace Frehley" and speculating that the band has lost fans due to its refusal to perform with the original lineup at its Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Frehley added, "You would think that if Gene and Paul had half a brain, they would realize what’s going on and start saying good things about Ace. I mean, keep bad-mouthing me. No one’s gonna show up at your f---ing tour this summer."

Frehley has no such fears about his new solo effort, 'Space Invader,' due Aug. 19. "I’m writing great songs and I’m singing great, and I’m super excited about this new album," he enthused. "I played some tracks for a couple of guys I was considering using for mixing, and the first thing out of their mouths was, ‘God, your voice sounds like it did on your 1978 solo record.’ Unlike some other people, whose voices aren’t maybe what they used to be. Not to name names, or anything."