ZZ Top premiere their new single 'I've Got to Get Paid' to a group of stunned beer shoppers in a new on-line commercial for Jeremiah Weed. It's the first official preview of material from the band's long-awaited new LP.

In the apparently unscripted spot, stage lights and a repeating drum beat emanating from an otherwise normal-looking store beer cooler lure a series of customers into opening the refrigerator doors, revealing ZZ Top in all their full-bearded glory, performing the new song as if they're headlining an arena.

We only get to hear about 90 seconds of the new song, but it sounds suitably greasy, slinky and fuzzy, with Billy Gibbons playing slide guitar with a beer can and growling "25 lighters on my dresser / Yessir" and his longtime partner, bassist Dusty Hill finishing the sentence with "You know I've got to get paid."

No word on when we'll hear the full song, or find out the name of the album, or when it will come out, or if ZZ Top will wise up and add an Ohio date to their summer 2012 tour plans. OK, that last part is just us being selfish.

Watch ZZ Top's 'I've Got to Get Paid' Commercial

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