It's been nine years since ZZ Top's last album, 'Mescalero.' However, the Texas blues-rock group recently recorded an album with Rick Rubin, although, according to guitarist Billy Gibbons, nobody has any idea when it is coming out.

"I guess the irony of the whole picture is the band is wondering, 'Where is this thing? When do we hear it?' Rubin told Noise 11. "But Rick's funny like that. We've been friends for, gosh, as long as I can remember - triple decades. And this is the first time that we've broken the mold as business pals.

Hidden behind his trademark probably-not-so-cheap sunglasses, it was hard to tell if Gibbons was frustrated or simply bemused by the situation. Still, he has faith that his longtime pal will put it out when the time is right.

"He's got a somewhat unorthodox way of doing just about everything he does, including making records," Gibbons continued. "But make no mistake, he's got a sense of intuition that can't be beat."

In the meantime, Gibbons has kept busy by developing his own brand of barbecue sauce and acting on the Fox drama 'Bones.' Gibbons discussed both projects in the video below. ZZ Top will begin a month-long tour of America in late May.

Billy Gibbons Discusses ZZ Top's New Album

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