This particular list of the Top 10 "Yes" Songs features absolutely no songs from the progressive rock band named Yes. Instead, to maintain a sense of balance after publishing a list of the Top 10 'No' Songs, we look at tracks that feature the words "yes" or "yeah" in their lyrics.

So what exactly are these rock legends saying yes to? Big surprise: Sex, typically. In fact, as you'll see, they prove quite willing to do just about anything to obtain the affection of their chosen romantic partners. So get ready to say "yeah, yeah, yeah" to our list of the Top 10 "Yes" Songs!

  • MCA Records
    MCA Records

    'You Got That Right'

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    From: 'Street Survivors' (1977)

    The first song on our list is the only one not to feature some variation of the word "yes" directly in the title. But,  it's pretty clear that Ronnie Van Zant was in a positive, confident frame of mind when he explained how his traveling, drinking, dancing and (if necessary) fighting life was gonna be. He sure got that right.

  • Elektra Records
    Elektra Records

    'Yes, the River Knows'

    The Doors

    From: 'Waiting for the Sun' (1968)

    We hope you don't mind if we get a potentially disturbing "yes" song out of the way early in this list. Of course, Jim Morrison's poetic lyrics are open to many interpretations, but it seems that suicide is what the narrator of this song is saying yes to, especially with that repeated "Breathe under water 'till the end" line. Maybe we should pretend he's actually just talking about enjoying nature, or the life of a fish, huh?

  • Universal

    'Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect)'


    From: Sonic Boom (2009)

    It was tough to choose just one "yes" song to represent rock's masked marvels on this list. After all, the Paul Stanley-sung 'Say Yeah' also appears on this same album, and we're highly partial to the brief spoken word-track 'Yes' from the famous Starchild bootleg 'People Let Me Get This Off My Chest.' But in the end, you can't beat this track's combination of a good, cowbell-heavy beat and a heavy dose of the Demon's cornball sexual bragging.

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    'Oh Yeah'


    From 'Chickenfoot' (2009)

    The four superstar who make up Chickenfoot are clearly united in their positive, upbeat view on life, so it's only natural they'd find a good spot on this list. In this case, lead singer Sammy Hagar -- tired of sleeping around and looking to settle down -- is willing to say "yes" to absolutely anything that'll make his sweetheart happy.

  • Columbia

    'Oh Yeah'


    From: 'Music From Another Dimension! (2012)

    On this extremely catchy, soulful slice of upbeat rock and roll from Aerosmith's most recent (and somewhat overstuffed) album, Steven Tyler is having a hard time saying "No." Will he cry, steal, go blind and even die for just one sweet kiss from his lover? To quote professional wrestler Daniel Bryan, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

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    'Oh Yeah'

    Roxy Music

    From: 'Flesh + Blood' (1980)

    OK get ready to get your 'Inception' thinking caps on. You see, Bryan Ferry isn't actually the one singing "oh yeah" on this song. Instead he's driving home from a date -- which seems to have gone quite well -- and listening to a band on the radio singing those words. So really, that's the song we should have included on this list. But like a bad disc jockey, Ferry didn't reveal the name of the mystery song. Luckily, this lush, evocative number will do quite nicely in its place.

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    'Yes It Is'

    The Beatles

    From: 'Past Masters, Vol. 1' (1988)

    Is John Lennon being sort of an idiot on this song, originally released as the B-side of 1965's 'Ticket to Ride' single? In our opinion, yes. You see, he's got a lovely girl willing to go out with him, but he's worried she'll wear the color red, which will remind him of his old girlfriend and make him blue. Well, then, you're not ready to get back in the dating game, buddy! Stay home until you're not afraid of clothing color.

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    'You Say Yes'

    Judas Priest

    From: 'Point of Entry' (1981)

    Released in the early '80s, when Judas Priest were learning how to say "yes" to writing more radio-friendly material, this song could easily have turned up on our list of the Top 10 'No' Songs instead. Like a metal version of the Beatles' 'Hello Goodbye,' the lyrics find Halford's date excited, and our hero frustrated, by the prospect of an action-less night out on the town.

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    'Yeah Yeah Yeah'

    Alice Cooper

    From: 'Killer' (1971)

    Could Alice Cooper be in danger? Yeah.
    Could this stranger be his saviour? Yeah.
    Is he ready for whatever the night brings,
    be it passion or strange behavior?
    Yeah, yeah yeah yeah!

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    'She Said Yeah'

    Rolling Stones

    From: 'December's Children (And Everybody's)' (1965)

    Even at this early stage in his career, we'd have to imagine that more than a few pretty girls had already said "yes" to Mick Jagger's romantic requests. But judging from the excitement and joy he brings to this song (co-written by none other than Sonny Bono), getting his romantic target to agree to drive off in the rain with him was still a pretty big deal.

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