Hardcore Who fans that have dreamed of finding a way to get even closer to the band's music now have their wish, thanks to a 3D virtual reality app dreamed up by singer Roger Daltrey's son Jamie.

Daltrey was on hand to promote the release of the group's 'Immersive App' at its public launch on Nov. 12, gamely hopping on a Vespa and donning an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to enter a programmed space built around landmarks, memorabilia and music from Who history. Joking that he'd "never been on a bloody scooter," he added, "I'm very proud of the guys, they've done a really good job. Raising money for this kind of thing is very, very difficult, 'cause you're taking chances. Well, that's what the Who were always about. Taking chances."

While you can get something of a feel for the app's environment via the above trailer, Jamie Daltrey admitted that "It’s hard to describe what we’re trying to do in words, especially when you get into the virtual reality element. We always knew that when people turned up with the headset on, if you create a nice environment for them, that’s what opens people’s minds to the whole idea."

The Oculus Rift headset is scheduled to become commercially available next year; in the meantime, fans can install a free version of 'The Who Immersive App,' available for Apple and Android devices now.