White Lion frontman Mike Tramp is wondering aloud why things like last week's German airline tragedy keep happening. "When will this s-- stop?" he angrily asks.

"My heart is full with pain for the ones who never made it home," Tramp adds via Facebook, "and for the ones who are left standing with empty hearts and without that special one in their life."

Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed after a pilot-led eight-minute descent on Tuesday, killing 150 people when the plane slammed into a rugged ravine in the French Alps. Recovery efforts uncovered the doomed flight's cockpit voice recorder, which confirmed co-pilot Andreas Lubitz's involvement.

"I am without words and understanding," Tramp adds, "that we as human beings have now come to this place where children are not safe in their own home and passangers are not safe in the hands of their trusty captain, or in this case co-captain. Why is it that others have to pay with their lives, just because of someone else's misery, religious belief or what other reason you can come up with? If you don't like your life, and your doctor, family, friends or God can't help you, don't take it out on us. That ain't fair; it's a cowardly excuse. R.I.P passengers of GermanWings Flight 9525. You didn't deserve this; no one does."

White Lion rose to fame with a late-'80s lineup built around Mike Tramp and guitarist Vito Bratta, scoring a No. 3 hit with "When the Children Cry" and going to No. 8 with "Wait" – both from their double-platinum 1987 release Pride. Tramp rebuilt White Lion in 2004 with a group of new members, launching a solo career along the way.

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