Motley Crue star Vince Neil traded partners with Nelson's Gunnar Nelson last night on ABC's Celebrity Wife Swap – and we learned that the two singers lead very, very different lives now.

Nelson – half of the brotherly duo that brought you the 1990 earworm "(Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection" –  resides with his new wife and her three daughters in Nashville. His focus seems to be completely on the girls, and in particular, keeping the oldest from dressing like a tramp. So naturally, this stunningly contrived and seemingly staged show paired him up with perhaps the only rock star who still parties like it's 1986 and his longtime girlfriend Rainbow ("Call me Rain"), who takes a far less conservative approach to fashion.

For two days, the rock stars are in charge, with Neil dragging Nelson's wife Lila from party to party to party all over his hometown of Las Vegas while Rain struggles to enjoy more domestic pursuits, such as a backyard campfire with Gunnar's neighbor – who just happens to be Aerosmith's Brad Whitford.

Then the tables are turned, and the temporary wives get to set the rules. Rain immediately takes the girls out to buy Daisy Dukes and sheer tops, while also rather sweetly encouraging homebody Nelson to let his inner rock star out a little bit by nudging him to sing the National Anthem before a baseball game. Neil, who sincerely wonders what Lila could possibly do to improve his days ("my life seems perfect right now"), learns what the inside of a grocery store looks like, how to cook meatloaf and how to pick up dog poop.

Speaking of which, we also meet Vince and Rain's dog California ("Cali"), and most amusingly, Cali's psychiatrist. This is apparently not a joke. The canine shrink relays the message that her client agrees with Lila that Neil needs to slow down and share more love and affection with Rain, who wants to get married.

For the finale, the couples get together and trade notes about their time apart. Nelson promises to trust his daughters a bit more. Neil promises to tell Rain how important she is to him more often, and gives her a big (but apparently non-engagement) ring. During the credits, a series of brief updates scrolls by, revealing that Rain has so far and perhaps wisely declined to sample Neil's home cooking.

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