Velvet Revolver have been in limbo ever since the band parted ways with singer Scott Weiland, but Slash still thinks a replacement is on the horizon.

"A lot of people are asking questions, and it's been very active under the radar," he told "I mean, nothing has happened with it as far as getting a new singer, so there's nothing to talk about. But there is activity going on, and there's people that we've been checking out. At some point the right guy's gonna walk in the door, and at that point, then we'll look into making another Velvet record."

He continued to sound a dismissive note regarding the prospect of working with Weiland in the future, shrugging, "We started working with Scott for that period and we made some cool music, but it was just a really, really hard thing to keep together, that exact lineup. When you're cutting off your nose to spite your face, there's a point there where it's, like, 'You've gotta either get it together or we're not gonna suffer through this.'"

Weiland, for his part, has repeatedly expressed a willingness to rejoin the lineup, most recently suggesting that it might be fun to turn it into a part-time project that brings the band "easy money" via festival gigs. Of course, as Weiland noted, none of the other guys in the group need that money, so for the immediate future, we can probably still expect Velvet Revolver to remain cooling on the back burner. In the meantime, Slash will stay busy promoting his latest solo effort, 'World on Fire.'

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