Even at the peak of Van Halen's powers, they'd occasionally put out an album that wasn't filled with awesome songs. Even if each and every song on some of their records was fantastic, logic dictates that one of them had to be at least slightly less amazing than the others.

A companion to our list of the Best Song From Every Van Halen Album, the Worst Song From Every Van Halen Album hunts for the relative runts of the litters. In many cases – particularly early in their career – the song we'd choose to cut isn't even close to bad. Removing a track from the LP doesn't even really improve the original record. But on a rare occasion or two, it does seem to help: As you'll see below, skipping one track in particular might have even postponed David Lee Roth's long exile from the group.

To make the process a bit more difficult and consequential, the instrumentals that turn up on nearly each of Van Halen's dozen studio albums were off-limits. We stuck with actual songs for the list. See how much you agree, or disagree, with our choices below for the Worst Song From Every Van Halen Album.

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