Remasters of four turn-of-the-'80s Van Halen albums, including Van Halen II, Women and Children First, Fair Warning and Diver Down, are now available for pre-order.

These new reissues found mastering engineer Chris Bellman returning to the original analog tapes, the Van Halen News Desk reports. Working at Hollywood's Bernie Grundman Studios, Bellman remastered straight from the old quarter-inch tape to create sparkling new compact disc, 180-gram vinyl and digital versions.

Click right here to pre-order 1979's five-times platinum Van Halen II via Amazon. Go to this page to pick up Women and Children First, which sold three million copies upon release in 1980. Fair Warning, a double-platinum project from 1981, is available here. Finally, 1982's four-million-selling Diver Down can be found through this link from Amazon.

U.S. fans who pre-order from the Van Halen Store get free shipping and a delivery guarantee by the previously announced release date of July 10. All six early David Lee Roth-era Van Halen albums, tracing from Van Halen through 1984, are available there as a set. They are also offering a four-disc box focusing on these new remasters, as well as individual albums on CD and on vinyl.

Van Halen released a new live project with Roth, Tokyo Dome Live in Concert, on March 31 — the same day they began this remaster series with updates of Van Halen and 1984.

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