Tommy Lee may not be a fan of SeaWorld, but the San Diego-based water attraction isn't taking his criticism lying down. Lee initially fired off a letter on behalf of PETA to SeaWorld objecting to their usage of Motley Crue music during the 'Shamu Rocks' shows, claiming it tortured the animals.

SeaWorld rep Fred Jacobs issued a response explaining, "PETA is wrong concerning the effect of music on SeaWorld's killer whales … we have never played a Motley Crue song in any Shamu show, nor will we. I can assure you the volume of music played during parts of our killer whale shows poses no risk at all to our animals."

Lee immediately followed Jacobs' statement by adding, "Thanks for the expected lame corporate response which avoids the issue at hand. PETA's SeaWorld campaign and my letter are based on science from the UN wildlife panel and an NRDC study on how loud noises are tortuous to marine mammals, especially captive ones. SeaWorld won't address the issue of noise torture because you can't defend it. I'm glad to know 'Shamu Rocks' doesn't feature any Motley Crue music; PETA members are now monitoring the sad shows to see which bands are featured so that those bands can learn about this issue too."

This isn't the first time Lee has reached out to SeaWorld. In 2010, he wrote SeaWorld to express his disdain over their treatment of the 12,000-pound orca named Tilikum that was involved in the death of three people.