As promised, the members of Thin Lizzy have decided against recording new music under the band name; instead, guitarist Scott Gorham is soldiering on as the leader of a new outfit, Black Star Riders.

Gorham explained the evolution from Thin Lizzy to Black Star Riders in an interview set to be published in the January 2013 issue of Classic Rock Magazine, saying he felt the need to put Thin Lizzy to rest as a creative entity out of respect for his deceased former bandmate, Phil Lynott.

"Thin Lizzy is a partnership between [drummer] Brian Downey and myself and the [Lynott] estate," Gorham pointed out. "If the estate had said, ‘This is a kick-ass idea,’ we would have had to rethink. But because they were feeling uncomfortable about it, that put a full stop to it."

And even before that, said Gorham, he had misgivings about continuing on as Thin Lizzy without Lynott. "As we were writing these new songs, I started to feel uncomfortable. I just felt, ‘This isn’t quite right without Phil.’ So this is a new album by a new band. And I think it’s the right decision."

Unfortunately for Thin Lizzy fans hoping to hear new music from some semblance of the lineup, Black Star Riders finds Gorham continuing without Downey, who has tired of life on the road, as well as longtime keyboard player Darren Wharton, who is focusing on his other band, Dare. But it doesn't mean the guys won't reunite to play the old hits once in awhile.

"We have to play Thin Lizzy songs," Gorham stated flatly. "People will expect it. Lizzy isn’t going to die."

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