'(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' got some unusual treatment on Monday's episode of 'The Voice' when Washington D.C. emcee Moses Stone faced off against Nashville country duo the Line with a dueling performance of the Rolling Stones classic. Mick Jagger obviously isn't a coach on the show, but if he was we'd be curious to get his reaction to the showdown.

Moses already has established his ability to work the stage and bust a rhyme on the show, but his run through of 'Satisfaction' showed America another side of his talents: he can actually sing. The Line are all about singing -- their vocal harmonies are especially noteworthy -- but somehow managed to get upstaged by the rapper. One would think a root-sy Stones tune would lend itself a bit better to the country side of things over a hip-hop take, but Moses managed to place expectations aside and steal the show.

Or did he? Coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton actually preferred the Line's version, but ultimately it was Aguilera’s lone vote that counted. “I just wasn’t seeing the kind of chemistry and heartfelt passion onstage with the Line as I was … with Moses,” said the pop star, and with that the Line were sent packing to Nashville. Ultimately, Stone did get some satisfaction by moving on to next week, while the country duo were left only with major disappointment.

Watch Moses and the Line of 'The Voice' Perform the Rolling Stones' 'Satisfaction'

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