The Muppets' fruitful association with classic rock continues. In this viral video, the oft put-upon but always gentlemanly lab assistant know Beaker offers his acoustic and meep–filled rendition of 'Dust in the Wind' by Kansas to an online audience. He certainly puts his own unique stamp on the tune.

Beaker starts out with his feet up on the desk, with a keyboard in front of him. He is surrounded by tons of long candlesticks and candelabras -- not those scented, girly, filled-jar candles. He is going for aura and ambience. There is a red backdrop behind him as he strums. One could say that his guitar gently, um, "meeps."

Beaker's attempt at tackling this classic ballad doesn't last long, as a firestorm of criticism pops up on the screen from fictional commentators, stuff like "Fail" and "It sounds like someone punched a goat." Beaker's version of this ballad even gets labeled his "diasterpiece." Then the poor guy's guitar catches on fire and so does he! Poor Beaker - he's always subjected to physical torture in Dr. Bunson Honeydew's lab.

At the end of the clip, Beaker is left a burnt, smoky, wide-eyed, hacking mess before finally passing out. The screen then cuts to those ornery and disagreeable old codgers Waldorf and Statler, and of course those two crotchety bastards are having a grand old time at poor Beaker's expense!

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