With the Doors' new limited edition archival London Fog 1966 box in stores and plans for a 50th anniversary celebration on the schedule for 2017, drummer John Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger have no shortage of band-related activity to keep them busy for the foreseeable future.

Understandably, the duo seemed to be in a reflective mood when they sat for a recent interview with Rolling Stone — particularly pertaining to the London Fog box, which rescues some of the group's earliest performances from obscurity. Recorded at the titular Los Angeles bar where they briefly served as the house band before signing their first record deal, the collection's tracks capture the future stars finding their musical feet in a decidedly less than glamorous setting.

"It had all these stupid, little circus ropes around the sides of the stage so you supposedly wouldn't fall. It was ridiculous," Densmore recalled. "And across the way was a cage with Rhonda Layne, the go-go girl. She was slightly overweight and wore a miniskirt and go-go boots, doing the twist or the frug. She didn't know how to dance to 'The End,' that's for sure. How do you do the frug to 'The End'? And the audience would stare at us like we're nuts, and then we'd play 'Lucille,' and they'd go, 'Oh, Little Richard, OK.'"

Densmore and Krieger get into deep detail regarding their London Fog days and the Doors' rise to fame in the interview, which is well worth a read in full for fans. And although they don't share specific details, it's clear 2017 will include more Doors releases. "London Fog is the first limited-edition release, but it's jumpstarting the whole thing," Densmore hinted. "There will be more stuff, including a couple of films, including one you haven't seen before. I'm very excited about that."

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