Fresh off their blistering performance at last weekend's Mountain JamDerek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi sat down for an exclusive interview to discuss what the future holds for the Tedeschi Trucks Band now that Trucks' time in the Allman Brothers Band was nearing a close.

The couple were married for almost a decade and each had their respective solo careers before joining forces in the Tedeschi Trucks Band. Asked if they anticipate one day resuming their respective solo careers, Trucks tells Ultimate Classic Rock that he does not anticipate that happening anytime soon but has not closed the door on the possibility.

"Down the road, who knows what will happen? I'm sure she'll do other things and I know I will but right now, there is so much energy and so much going on with this band. I feel like we are still just digging into what it is capable of," Trucks raves.

"I don't have the desire to look elsewhere," he continues. "As much as I love playing with the Allman Brothers Band or my solo band, there is nothing that I am not getting here that I feel I need. So until I get that itch or she gets that itch, I think we are going to be working this thing and seeing how how far we can take it musically and how deep we can dig."

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