Ted Nugent revealed his solution to a situation involving “super pigs” said to be invading the United States from Canada.

The outspoken hunting fan told Fox News in a recent interview that killing hogs from a helicopter using a machine gun was the best way to deal with the issue, and that donating the meat to homeless shelters meant it would be Christian work to follow his plan.

Nugent was invited to speak on Jesse Watters Primetime following a report that a breed of pig with the survival skills of Eurasian boar and the fertility level of domestic swine were “out of control” in Canada and crossing the U.S. border in high numbers.

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“I’m your pork chop daddy and I know how to handle an invasion of pigs," Nugent told Watters (video below). “You need to kill ‘em and grill ‘em – it’s pretty simple… if a porker gets within 50 yards of me, it’s dinner on the hoof.”

He continued: “I’ve killed pigs in Hawaii with a knife. I hunt them with dogs and bows and arrows and machetes and 10-milimeters and rifles… Machine guns from helicopters – Jesse, you haven’t lived till you’ve hunted with Uncle Ted from a helicopter with a machine gun and killed the pigs.”

Ted Nugent Says He’s the ‘Mother Teresa’ of Hunting

Nugent agreed it was “necessary to hunt these things down from a chopper,” blaming overpopulation issues on restrictive laws in some states. “We legalized helicopter hog-hunting and it’s become a billion-dollar industry now,” he claimed. “It’s the only real effective method to mitigate the productivity of pigs. Pigs are such producers… they devastate the environment, they destroy wildlife, they destroy agriculture, they spread disease. So the ultimate way is to increase the killing.”

He reported: “I like my pork pissed off, and wild pig meat is the best pork in the world,” before moving on to say there was an overpopulation of deer in Michigan, and offering a solution. “Let the hunters increase the harvest, donate the venison to the soup kitchens and the homeless shelters.”

Nugent signed off with: “I’m almost like Mother Teresa with a bow and arrow. Let me kill more game and I can feed the hungry people of the world. It’s my job!”

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