Mick Jagger and Superheavy Recorded on a Yacht to Prevent Bootlegging
Mick Jagger and SuperHeavy took extreme measures to prevent their self-titled debut album from being leaked online. They were so concerned about a security breach that they elected to record outside of a studio to keep the music under wraps and off the web so they took to the high seas. Oh the perils of releasing music in the digital age.
SuperHeavy, ‘Miracle Worker’ – Video Review
The video for rock supergroup SuperHeavy's 'Miracle Worker' holds true to the eclectic if not electric nature of the song, the band's debut single. 'Miracle Worker' is a love story vaguely acted out within a five-minute span. Each member shares screen time judiciously, with Joss Stone and reggae star Damien Marley playing the lead roles.

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