When violent unrest overwhelmed London earlier this summer and rioters took to the streets, Mick Jagger for one was not surprised. In fact, the Rolling Stones singer believes such displays are part of the British social fabric and should be expected once a decade or so.

"I was kind of surprised that people were shocked it happened," Jagger tells the Daily Mirror. "There's no warning, but it's a regular feature of English urban life if you think about it. Every ten years you get some riots."

He continues: "Riots like that have been a feature of Britain for 200 years or so and we like to congratulate ourselves that it has gone away. But the reality is that they haven't, have they?"

No, they certainly haven't.

Meanwhile, Jagger has again commented on rumors of a Rolling Stones tour next year in conjunction with the band's 50th anniversary. The singer recently said "don't hold your breath" when asked about plans for a trek, and now he's non-committal but leaving the window of opportunity open. "There may be a tour, who knows, maybe," he told the Daily Mirror. "Nothing is fixed at the moment."

Stones fans were themselves overwhelmed at the possibility of a triumphant tour celebrating five decades of Rolling rock. Let's just hope they don't hit the streets in protest if a 2012 trek never materializes. Maybe Jagger's new SuperHeavy album, released this week and reviewed here, will keep everybody calm for a while.

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