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A track listing has been released for the debut album from the Mick Jagger-fronted new group SuperHeavy, which is due in stores on Sept. 19. You can find the names of the 12 standard songs and four bonus tracks at the bottom of this story.

The above photo is a shot of Jagger from the new video for ‘Miracle Worker,' which will arrive online sometime tomorrow. He’s never been one to be subtle with his actions and we gotta say, if you’re ever looking to leave a lasting impression while promoting a new endeavor, wearing a hot pink suit will certainly do the job!

Jagger gave an interview to the Daily Mail to talk more about SuperHeavy, something which he says evolved from an initial idea that producer/guitarist Dave Stewart had. Stewart, as he explains, “really wanted to make a record with a different group of musicians, in other words, with different backgrounds of music.”

The roots of SuperHeavy began to form two years ago and brought new creative inspiration to Jagger, who says “working with four other vocalists was interesting. I realized we all had a part to play.”

Writing twenty-two songs in the first six days, Stewart shares that the new collaboration had difficulties - with the band members being in different areas, it was hard to assemble them as a unit. He calls it "the most complicated record ever made," and reveals that it was recorded in a variety of locations from L.A. to India.

Mick terms the material as “approachable” and says “if you’re a Rolling Stones fan there’s definitely stuff you can relate to." He did note that there would be other material on the album that would not be as accessible, but challenged his listeners a bit by saying “maybe if you listen, you’ll enjoy it.”

The SuperHeavy method of jamming on material that was still developing was different for Jagger, who normally pre-writes Stones songs prior to recording, but he says that the new setting "resulted in some great work."

You can read our review of the first single, 'Miracle Worker' and watch a preview of the video below.

Track listing for 'Superheavy':

'Miracle Worker'
'Satyameva Jayathe'
'One Day One Night'
'Never Gonna Change'
'Beautiful People'
'Rock Me Gently'
'I Can't Take It No More'
'I Don't Mind'
'World Keeps Turning

Bonus tracks:
'Warring People'
'Common Ground'
'Hey Captain'

Watch The Video Preview For SuperHeavy's 'Miracle Worker'

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