SuperHeavy's first single, the straight-up reggae track 'Miracle Worker,' has arrived, and Mick Jagger's promise that the style of his diverse new all-star band of musicians would be surprising and "wide ranging" seems at least partially true so far.

As if to prove his point that the group, which also features modern-day soul singer Joss Stone, reggae star Damien Marley, award-winning Indian film composer A.R. Rahman and Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart, is indeed a democracy, Jagger is neither the primary nor secondary vocalist on the track.

Instead, over a booming bassline and an extremely traditional reggae beat, Stone's pop-influenced vocals carry most of the load, with Marley adding "toasting"-style commentary throughout, and Jagger merely popping in at a few specified moments, mostly to promise some new kind of sexual healing:

"My loving laser will regenerate your heart / No need for anesthetics, I'm gonna check your charts / I will reshape you, recast you from the mold / A brand new beautiful woman will blossom from the old."

Sonically, it all sounds fantastic, but other than the slightly unique blend of the trio's differing vocal styles, the song doesn't break a whole lot of new ground.  In fact, the track probably raises more questions than it answers about the upcoming album: Will Jagger stay this far in the background throughout? Will the reggae influence be as strong on other songs, or will musical styles more associated with the other artists in the band appear as well?


Listen to 'Miracle Worker' by SuperHeavy

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