The video for rock supergroup SuperHeavy's 'Miracle Worker' holds true to the eclectic if not electric nature of the song, the band's debut single. 'Miracle Worker' is a love story vaguely acted out within a five-minute span. Each member shares screen time judiciously, with Joss Stone and reggae star Damien Marley playing the lead roles.

The footage begins on the edgy side of downtown Kingston, Jamaica (it's not clear if the band actually filmed in Jamaica, however). Piercings, tattoo parlors, facial acupuncture, skulls and a threatening hum work to set a  sinister scene. There's no evidence of criminal activity, in fact the setting is surprisingly clean for a metropolis. We see Mick Jagger first -- his weathered eyes dart through shuttered blinds. A stage is being set up outside.

From there it's a visual explosion, although not one loud enough to overwhelm the song's slow reggae groove. A.R. Rahman and Dave Stewart play periphery roles until called upon later in the clip. It's Stone and Marley who are the focus early, playfully batting lyrics back and forth at each other from across the street. Unfortunately their chemistry is about as tasty as beef gravy on a banana. At best one won't realize they're supposed to be a couple. Heck, we're not even sure of it!

Jagger's entrance is brilliant. He comes from nowhere in a flamingo pink suit, bucking and jiving like only the Rolling Stones' frontman knows how. The singer plays a witch doctor in 'Miracle Worker,' and looks quite at home surrounded by melted candles, dusty skulls and potions. Anytime he's on screen one's eyes can't help but focus on his moves, ignoring the colorful culture on both sides of him.

The action leads to the five members of SuperHeavy taking the stage and finishing the song to a block full of frantic fans. Each member gives their best effort to pull the action together. Much like the music they promise, SuperHeavy has found a way to blend cultures without anyone losing his or her individual identity.


Watch SuperHeavy's 'Miracle Worker' video

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