Mick Jagger stands front and center on the new SuperHeavy single, 'I Can't Take It No More,' leading the band through a rather straight ahead, horn-charged rock song that attacks corrupt politicians.

Unlike the shared vocal spotlight of this extremely diverse supergroup's first single, the reggae-heavy 'Miracle Worker,' this track serves as a solo showcase for the legendary Rolling Stones lead singer, and that's a good thing. After all, who in the world would you rather have at the microphone?

After a rather over-dramatic vocal introduction, pop singer Joss Stone settles into a role in the background.

It's logical to assume Eurythmics guitarist and producer Dave Stewart is behind the two nicely contrasting guitar lines -- one big and crunchy, the other clean and echoing -- that take turns supporting Jagger's raspy political rant throughout the proceedings:

"All you scurvy politicians / When you're in our position / You're promising this / You swear you'll do that / You all sound like magicians / I can't take it, take it, I can't fake it no more."

Really, about the only thing distinguishing this from a late-era Stones song is the trippy, exotic little keyboard parts (courtesy of Indian film composer A.R. Rahman, we're guessing) that pop up from time to time -- and really, that's not out of the range of Mick's other band, either.

So, if this was the first song released, you'd wonder exactly how much of a collaborative effort the upcoming SuperHeavy album really will be, especially since there's no discernible trace of reggae star Damien Marley on here.

But then again, we did already hear the much more inclusive and slightly more exploratory 'Miracle Worker,' didn't we? It makes sense to reach out to Stones fans with a familiar-sounding song, and perhaps that's exactly what's happening here.


Listen to SuperHeavy's 'I Can't Take It No More'

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