Mick Jagger and SuperHeavy took extreme measures to prevent their self-titled debut album from being leaked online. They were so concerned about a security breach that they elected to record outside of a studio to keep the music under wraps and off the web so they took to the high seas. Oh the perils of releasing music in the digital age.

JamesList reports that the band recorded aboard Paul Allen's megayacht, dubbed 'Octopus.' Allen is a Microsoft billionaire and is obviously generous and a patron of the arts for letting Jagger and co. use his floating vessel to lay down their tracks. Allen wasn't really inconvenienced since the 414 foot yacht, which is the 12th largest in the world, already boasts a studio. Apparently, Allen is a music buff. Perhaps SuperHeavy will do the right thing and perform a concert on the Octopus one of these days! What a party that would be.

Turns out, a recording studio is the least of the boat's amenities. It also includes two helicopters, two submarines, a pool and a basketball court. It's floating bastion of luxury for work and for play.

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