Jane's Addiction

Jane’s Addiction were part of the new wave of bands that came out of Los Angeles in the mid 1980s that weren’t quite sure where they belonged. Were they punk? Hard rock? Metal? Alternative? They were a little bit of all these things, which helped make them one of the most influential groups of the era. In frontman Perry Farrell they had a singer who wasn’t shy about letting his freakiness flow; in Dave Navarro they had a guitarist who bridged Sunset Strip’s glam-metal style with punk bite and metallic energy. Jane’s debut album, ‘Nothings Shocking,’ remains an essential work from the period, a powerhouse set of stinging rockers that never lets up. On their follow-up record, ‘Ritual de lo Habitual,’ they expanded into multi-suite epics that explored the psychedelic shades of their music. It all eventually became too much for the group, which has broken up and reunited a few times since.

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