Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton may have the most impressive résumé in rock ‘n’ roll history, having played in the Yardbirds, John Mayall’s Bluebreakers, Cream, Blind Faith and Derek and the Dominos. He’s also racked up a solo career that spans more than 40 years and includes a pair of No. 1 albums, a No. 1 single and guest spots on records by his famous friends. Through it all, he’s carved out a reputation as one of the greatest guitar players of all time, a student of traditional music who helped spearhead the blues-rock movement of the late ‘60s with his fiery leads and clear tone. On his best work – early records by the Yardbirds, Cream’s brief catalog, the Dominos’ one album and even solo albums like ‘461 Ocean Boulevard’ and ‘Slowhand’ – Clapton has proven to be a team player whose sharp guitar skills naturally gravitate toward the spotlight.

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