Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt was born in Burbank, Calif., to Broadway star John Raitt. She got her start in the early '70s as a blues-based singer-songwriter who covered many of the era's up-and-coming folk and country stylists. She's also a hell of a guitar player. Her 1972 album, 'Give It Up,' was a masterpiece in subtlety and interpretation. But even though she was a hit with critics and developed a growing fan base over the years, it wasn't until 1989's 'Nick of Time' rocketed her to the top of the charts. The album hit No. 1, won a Grammy for Album of the Year and suddenly Raitt was the queen of music. Her next two albums both went multi-platinum. Since then, she's become rock royalty, a singular voice whose respect for the past matches her own influence on a new generation of singer-songwriters, and not just female ones.

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