UK based label Easy Action is set to release a disc of unheard recordings featuring late Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett. The performance was recorded at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge, England on Jan. 27, 1972.

Label managing director Carlton Sandercock told the Floydian Slip website, “We have indeed purchased and are preparing to release a live set by The Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band featuring Bruce Pain, Jack Monk and Twink. Guesting is Fred Frith and, on two maybe three songs, Syd Barrett." He went on to add that “the music played in this set is a million miles away from anything Pink Floyd have ever done."

The recording was from a reel to reel tape that was put up for auction by Bonhams Auction House in June 2010. The tape never reached it's minimum sale price of $5,000 and was later sold to Easy Action.

At the time of the recording, drummer Twink had recently left the Pink Fairies, and just happened to be sitting in with the band that night.  "One evening I was playing with the Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band," he told the Ptolemaic Terrascope in a 1989 interview. "Jack's wife Jenny used to be a girlfriend of mine and was also a former girlfriend of Syd's, so she knew us all. She invited Syd down that evening to the session, I think it was in the basement of Kings College or one of the Colleges anyway and Syd came down and brought his guitar along and jammed with us."

This impromptu jam session would eventually lead to the formation of Stars, a band that included Twink, Barrett and Monck. Stars never made it beyond a handful of gigs before disintegrating.