Syd Barrett

The chief songwriter and original frontman for Pink Floyd, the late Syd Barrett had a career as memorable as it was brief. After writing the majority of the band's lyrically psychedelic 1967 debut, as well as several well-received singles, Barrett began a descent into drug-fueled health issues that saw him ousted after scant contributions to Floyd's sophomore release. Barrett then managed two solo albums, both released in 1970 and shepherded along by his increasingly frustrated former bandmates. 'Madcap Laughs' reached the UK Top 40, but nothing could stop Barrett's downward spiral. Still, his influence remained. He was, of course, an inspiration for Pink Floyd's 1975 album 'Wish You Were Here' and the band continued performing Barrett songs through to their final mid-'90s tour. Barrett also served as a foundational figure for future alternative rockers like Brian Eno, XTC, Robyn Hitchcock and Sean Lennon.

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